MVA: Getting Started with PowerShell

So, the first post of the blog. I’m a bit archaic in this sense, now that everyone is doing vlogs and microblogs. But, still, it’s mine to be archaic with. Even if I really have no idea how to start. So, I’ll just jump right in and see what comes of it all. No deep diatribes on who I am, where I’m from, or what I hope to achieve with this; I hope for that all to become evident all by itself.

I recently started studying the PowerShell learning path over at Microsoft Virtual Academy. It’s a web community I supremely suggest to IT students, enthusiasts and people looking to get into the tech culture or workplace. The learning path consists of a couple lectures, some Power Point slides, and two brief ‘quizzes’. After you complete the path, you earn a badge showing your accomplishment. It’s quite quaint, honestly. Especially for someone who really wants to get some face time with the PowerShell environment. One of the presenters in the designer and lead engineer for the PS project, Jeffery Snover; so that’s a nice bonus. The other presenter is Jason Helmick, an author for PluralSight and the CFO of They cover general syntax inside PS, momentarily cover the differences in v2.0 and v3.0, and then start diving into more useful topics like scripting. I feel anyone who wants to work with the Microsoft Server OS should take this course to get acquainted with this powerful feature. It’s not a relatively new course, but its relevance is hard to dispute.

I’m not going to get much more into what they cover, as that would detract from the course. But it’s highly effective, and I learned a lot. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the Advanced version. This is just more to shed light on the availability of the course to supplement any coursework you may be going through in traditional or distance learning classes, or independent study if you’re that hardcore. So, sign up, take the course and enjoy. Maybe I’ll see you there!



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